ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION (formerly Andy Albao Enterprise) is a family owned business that established on January 2007. The company operation is lead by it's Founder Mr. Andy Albao, a Filipino Farmer and Entrepreneur. Our COCOWONDER Division is focusing to produce "High Valued Coconut & Cacao Food Products". We are in partnership with groups of farmers and local workers in the countryside where our Coconut & Cacao raw materials are sourced out from them or within the Philippines only and we do not import abroad any of our raw materials.

Our farms are located in selected areas in the provinces and countryside in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao that mostly mountainous land and in isolated sea shoreline that solely coconut and cacao areas only where coconuts and cacao are Organically Grown and having higher nutrients value that makes higher quality of our product. We put up farm level processing facilities, mainly near to the farms where Coconut & Cacao raw materials are readily available. We only harvest the raw materials to process into our products once there are purchase orders from customer where we enable to provide freshly produce products on its best quality.

COCOWONDER implements sustainability-oriented methods in organic farming, quality assurance and farm productivity improvement. We also implement fair trade for our partners of group of farmers and also provide them some percentage from our sales as incentives, which come in the form of organic fertilizer, coconut and cacao seedlings and monetary incentives to encourage them to plant more Coconut and Cacao and to continue with organic farming practices.

COCOWONDER has been able to provide livelihood and job opportunities to local workers in the provinces, whereby all of us from farmers, local workers and the management of ANDY ALBAO ENTERPRISE are very concerned about the quality of the products. We implement and supervise Total Quality Management (TQM) and provide proper training to local workers in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). We at Cocowonder, along with our member of local workers and small farmers, are dedicated to provide the best quality and healthful coconut and cacao food products for the benefit and satisfaction of our customers worldwide.


" To provide 100% natural and functional Coconut & Cacao Food Products for Local and International Distribution for consumers health benefits and satisfaction worldwide. To provide job opportunities to local workers especially in the provinces or countryside and be in partnership with farmers as supplier of raw materials and assist them in Sustainable Organic Farming where they able to sell their crops at higher price to generates more income for them. To help Philippine Agriculture Industry, and through export of our products, we able to generate US dollar which can help our Philippine Economy".