"Your 100% Natural

Food & Medicines"

ANDY ALBAO CORPORATION – CocoWonder Division is a Developer, Processor and Exporter of 100% Natural, Chemical Free, Artisan, Innovative and Creative Coconut and Cacao Food Products. Coconut & Cacao Food are considered as Super Food, Functional Food and Herbal Foods where Coconut is used in Traditional & Modern Medicine because it has Natural Healing Properties beyond its High Nutritional Values Contents including Vitamins & Minerals. In addition, our CocoWonder products are “ENJOYABLE TO EAT WITHOUT A GUILT” because our products are Vegan, Sugar Free, Non-Dairy and laboratory tested for being Low Glycemic Index, High in Dietary Fiber, Non Trans-fat, Cholesterol Free, Gluten Free, Non Allergen and Non-GMO. In addition, our Coconut Cacao Food Products are process with No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavoring & Coloring, No Synthetic Additives and Chemical Free.


"Eat your food as your medicines,

otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food!"

CocoWonder Products is "Your 100% Natural Food & Medicine". As per research, Coconut & Cacao main functions are to Detoxify Respiratory System, Cleanse Digestive Tract, Balance PH level, Nourish Cellular of the body, Immune System Booster and among others, just visit COCONUT RESEARCH CENTER. Coconut & Cacao believes to helps makes people stay healthy and young, provides energy, helps to control aging and helps prolong life Span.

CocoWonder Coconut & Cacao Food Products are good for all ages of younger & older persons, the best for dieters, very good for athletes and really good to all persons with or without health problems. Many health conscious consumers wordwide are looking for True Healthy Alternatives Food Products, where we are focusing to address these demands and produce Coconut & Cacao Food Products as many as we can for health benefits and satisfaction of consumers worldwide.

"However, Coconut & Cacao health benefits and healing properties will only be effective if the products are 100% natural process, raw or single process, no unhealthy ingredients and without artificial or chemical additives."

Our Coconut & Cacao Food Products are available as Raw Material

Ingredients in bulk size packaging where we supply to:

  • Food Processors
  • Restaurants
  • Bakeries
  • Pastries
  • Coffe Shops
  • Juice Makers
  • Candy Manufacturers
  • Food Supplement Processors
  • Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industries

Our products are also available in Ready to Eat that are available in Retail Size Packaging such as FOOD SUPPLEMENT,SNACK FOOD, HOT & COLD HEALTHY DRINKS, CONDIMENTS, CHOCOLATES and CANDIES. Most of our customers are engaged in Healthy Foods Business including Exporters, Importers,Brokers and Distributors.


We do OEM, Toll Manufacturing, Toll Re-Packing with customers private brand and label.

CocoWonder maintains its World Class Quality Products and Services. About 90% of our products are exported Worldwide such as UNITED STATES, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM, FRANCE, RUSSIA, LITHUINIA, SWITZERLAND, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, CHINA, JAAPAN, KOREA, HONGKONG, TAIWAN, MALAYSIA, THAILAND, SINGAPORE, MIDDLE EAST, SOUTH AFRICA just to name a few.

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We produce our Coconut & Cacao Food Products through sustainable farming using only INHERNTLY ORGANIC GROWN Coconut & Cacao Rawl Materials. We process our Coconut and Cacao Food Products using only fresh harvest raw materials and process immediately in natural way through kitchen method in order to maintain its natural taste, vitamins and minerals.

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